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ZaphGood turn-based RPG/Strategy games for iPhone? »
by Zaph    in Games
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JayrothAdam's compressor enclosure »
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stenchlordNerf »
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jayhallFormatting a laptop that came pre-installed with windows 7 »
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RallierReddit has tons of porn? »
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normanAsk your questions about the new site here for Will and Norm to answer. »
by norman    in General Discussion
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ExplodingTubaNetflix Stops at 98% »
by ExplodingTuba    in Please Help!
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CROMTested Folding@Home team; Anybody on board? »
by CROM    in General Discussion
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alenanahlovskaIs there an address where we could send Adam a letter? »
by alenanahlovska    in General Discussion
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Louis0nFireCIS degree. Unemployed. No experience. What do? »
by Louis0nFire    in Off-Topic
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CannonGooseCan't configure headphones in Windows »
by CannonGoose    in Please Help!
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evil_gorditaMinecraft!: The Community Minecraft Server Thread HD Perfect »
by evil_gordita    in Games
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stenchlordWhat was your latest photo? »
by stenchlord    in Cameras
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minker17So, about that office move... »
by minker17    in General Discussion
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AlisterCatSteelSeries Engine Problem. »
by AlisterCat    in Please Help!
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MordeaniisChaosCan I bypass my router to connect directly to my modem without losing the router? »
by MordeaniisChaos    in Please Help!
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zigoramaAnyone have experience with the 2014 Vizio E series TVs? »
by zigorama    in Home Theater
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IrishdoomASUS RT-N53 Review - Solid, Affordable Dual Band Wireless Router »
by Irishdoom    in Rip and Stream
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GIVEMEREPLAYNetflix HD: How do I turn this crap off? »
by GIVEMEREPLAY    in General Discussion
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