How Many Cups of Coffee Is Too Much A Day?

By Norman Chan

A new study says four cups is the limit if you're under 55, but the data is incomplete.

While it would take around 75 cups of coffee to come close to a lethal dose of caffeine, a new study published this week in Mayo Clinic Proceedings indicates that the upper limit of safe coffee consumption per day is closer to four cups. The long-term study, which tracked the lifestyles of over 40,000 subjects over the course of 17 years, concluded that men under the age of 55 who drank more than an average of 28 cups of coffee per week had a increased risk of death from all causes. But as the report's co-author notes, the participants were only surveyed about their coffee drinking habits once over the course of the study, and there was a high correlation between those in the study who drank lots of coffee and those who smoked. The consensus between multiple researchers seems to be that if you're relatively healthy, two to four cups of coffee a day shouldn't be harmful--but trust your own body's reactions to caffeine.