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    Tested Tours the ChefSteps Kitchen Laboratory!

    While in Seattle, Will visits the ChefSteps kitchen laboratories and workshop. ChefSteps is an online resource where chefs, filmmakers, and engineers demonstrate the hows and whys of modern cooking. They were the team behind the science in Modernist Cuisine, and are using those same technologies and testing procedures to teach curious cooks.

    The Talking Room: Adam Savage Interviews Traci Des Jardins

    The Talking Room returns! This season's first guest is Traci Des Jardins, an award-winning chef and restaurateur. Traci was a finalist on Top Chef Masters and a semi-finalist for this year’s James Beard award for Outstanding Chef. Adam invited Traci to The Talking Room to talk about her cooking ethos, the challenge of managing restaurants, and her approach to crafting new recipes.

    SCAA 2015: The Chemistry of Coffee Brewing with Blossom One

    Making coffee is chemistry, and you want to have control of as many variables as you can. At this year's SCAA, we check out the Blossom One, a coffee machine that brews with precise temperature controls--keeping the brew at a single temp for any length of time. Having seen a prototype severals years back, we're happy to see the final Blossom machine up and running, and chat with its creator to learn about the chemistry of coffee.

    SCAA 2015: Brewing Grit-Free Coffee with Espro Presses

    At this year's SCAA The Event coffee convention, we check in with Espro, the makers of our favorite French Press-style brewer to geek out over coffee! We chat about how to make grit-free French-press coffee, Espro's new travel press, and micro filtration for brewing tea.

    10 Things About Chocolate That You Didn’t Know

    Chocolate is one of humanity’s true miracles, a substance that brings joy to everybody with a single bite. You probably think you have a pretty good idea about how it works and how it’s made, but if there’s one thing we know, it’s that there’s always more to learn. Let’s dive deep into a vat of cocoa and bring out ten fascinating chocolate facts that you might not know.

    Making Dessert at America's Test Kitchen!

    Our week at America's Test Kitchen appropriately concludes with some dessert! Will learns about how the cooks developed recipes for Baked Alaska--Swiss and Italian Meringues--through a rigorous testing system where every variable and procedure is examined. It's time to set that cake on fire!

    The Science of Meat Texture at America's Test Kitchen

    At America's Test Kitchen, recipe cooks use specialized scientific equipment to test ingredients, like this Texture Analyzer. Will chats with cook Dan Souza about the testing of meat texture over a range of temperatures to find the point where the meat is the most tender. How springy or gummy do you want that steak?

    Making Kale Delicious at America's Test Kitchen

    Will chats with America's Test Kitchen cook Dan Souza about the science of making Kale taste good, in salads and other dishes. We learn how to tenderize Kale to make it more palatable and how the test kitchen experiments with every variable in a recipe. Time for a taste test!

    Making Butter Burgers at America's Test Kitchen!

    We learn how to make "butter burgers" at America's Test Kitchen! The cooks in their laboratory explain how they tested different ingredients and methods to arrive at this recipe, the result of which is one of the best burgers we've ever tasted! It's ridiculously good!

    Tested Tours America's Test Kitchen!

    All this week, we're at America's Test Kitchen! To kick off our visit, Christopher Kimball gives us a tour of their food laboratories, where a small army of test cooks experiment with recipes all day long. We learn about the Test Kitchen's approach to doing everything in-house, from producing their TV show and publishing Cooks Illustrated. Stay tuned for more from this awesome trip!

    The 10 Foods That Make Your Urine Smell The Most

    The human digestive system is a truly wondrous machine, capable of processing a wide range of inputs into just a few outputs. One of those necessary waste products is urine, a normally clear or yellowish liquid secreted by the kidneys that helps clear out the nitrogen and other byproducts created by cellular metabolism. Typically, urine has a mild odor, but your diet can affect it in a number of ways. Let’s take a trip through your kitchen to find the foods that do a number on the odor of your liquid waste.