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    How the Prosthesis Exoskeleton Mech Works

    We get a demo of Prothesis, the exoskeleton mech suit designed by Jonathan Tippett and his team. This 8000 pound mech is directly controlled by Jonathan using his arms and legs, without any stabilizing gimbals or gyros. Jonathan explains how he has to essentially relearn to crawl in the Prosthesis, and we see and hear this massive machine lumber across a parking lot.

    Offworld episode 7: The Right Stuff (1983)

    This week on Offworld, Ariel is joined by Adam Savage and retired astronaut Jim Newman to talk about the 1983 movie The Right Stuff! The three discuss the film's portrayal of early NASA missions and astronaut culture, and hear some stories about Jim Newman's flights on the Space Shuttle.

    TapGlo Light-Up Ping Pong Table!

    We play TapGlo, a custom-built ping pong table that's like the intersection of table tennis and the videogame Breakout. The maker of this striking light-up table explains how TapGlo is able to detect where ping pong balls land, and how the panels light up and animate in spectacular fashion.

    Google AIY Kits for Experimenting with Artificial Intelligence

    We learn about Google's AIY voice and vision kits at this year's Maker Faire, and check out a few projects that make use of the kits' artificial intelligence capabilities. The vision kit, in particular, impressed us with its ability to recognize objects, faces, and even emotions.

    Ask Adam Anything: Most Used Shop Equipment

    Every week, Adam takes a question from the comments section below or on social media (tagged #AskAdamSavage) and answer them for the Tested member community. This week, Adam talks about his most used tool in his shop, as well as his favorite ones to use for his builds.

    LEGO with Friends: Train Engine with Greg Peltz!

    We're joined by special guest Greg Peltz, a set modeler at Pixar and creator of Bonelab three-dimensional skeleton model kits! One of Greg's many passions is train engines, so the set we're putting together is a custom locomotive that we hope to get running on the table. We chat about Greg's work, Bonelab creations, and geek out about trains!

    Awesome Fallout 4 and Warhammer Space Marine Armor!

    We catch up with prop and costume fabricator Shawn Thorsson, who unveils his latest Fallout 4 T-60 suit and Warhammer 40K armor builds. We learn how he made these larger-than-life costumes, how he blends hard armor parts with undersuits, and get up close to the beautiful paint and weathering detail of these suits!

    Transcript: Adam Savage's 2018 Bay Area Maker Faire Talk

    I've been thinking about what I was gonna say this morning for weeks. I wrote it down this morning. I didn't expect it to go where it went. Here we go.

    My life is centered around the stories that we tell each other. It is centered around the products of our making, and the stories that those objects bring with them, as well as the stories they tell.

    I have ignored sometimes a key aspect of what happens when we make. That aspect is generosity. Our making in and of itself is a radical and deeply generous human act. When we construct code, sew, or bake something new into existence, we are no longer passive observers or simple receivers of the realities around us. We declare ourselves participants. We are installing light on a path that others may choose to follow. Whenever we put something into the world that didn't exist, we're trying to solve a problem that we see.

    Kitbashing Model Spaceships with Snap Ships

    One of our favorite discoveries from this year's Maker Faire was Snap Ships, a construction kit for designing and building your own miniature space ships. We chat with Jeff from Snap Ships about how the parts connect, the types of ships you can make, and what it'll take to turn 3D-printed prototypes into a real product.

    Adam Savage's Maker Faire 2018 Talk!

    Adam Savage gives his annual Sunday sermon at the 2018 Bay Area Maker Faire. Adam talks about an essential aspect of making and maker culture: generosity and sharing. With examples from his own experiences and the world at large, Adam talks about why the more we share, the more we have.

    Science in Progress: Making an Octopus Puzzle, Part 3

    While we wait for the California Academy of Science's Giant Pacific Octopus to learn Adam's puzzle, Kishore and Indre visit biologist and cephalopod expert Rich Ross' home aquarium and lab where Rich breeds and raises octopuses and other amazing critters. It's one of the most fascinating home laboratories we've visited!

    Science in Progress: Making an Octopus Puzzle, Part 2

    Two years after our first visit to the California Academy of Sciences, Adam and Indre return with the Octopus puzzle to introduce it to a new Giant Pacific Octopus. Here's how the marine biologists at the Cal Academy introduce Adam's puzzle to the GPO!

    Dave Goldberg's Studio Scale Y-Wing Model!

    In the making of Star Wars, there are few model miniatures more detailed and beautiful than the Y-Wing made by ILM. Modelmaker Dave Goldberg shares with us his masterful studio scale build of the rebel starfighter, alongside his builds of the Tantive IV escape pod and Tatooine moisture vaporators. Dave's scratch-built models are a true labor of love and a sight to behold!

    Tested at the NASA InSight Rocket Launch to Mars!

    We go to our very first NASA rocket launch! This past weekend, the InSight mission sent a robot lander to Mars, launching from the central coast of California. Norm and Ariel trek to Vandenberg Air Force base to get up close to the rocket and experience this historic west-coast interplanetary launch!

    Science in Progress: Making an Octopus Puzzle, Part 1

    Adam visits the California Academy of Sciences to meet one of its Giant Pacific Octopuses and chat with marine biologists to learn about Octopus intelligence. Back at the cave, he designs and builds a feeding puzzle to give to the Cal Academy to help stimulate the GPO!

    How Could Alien Communication Work? Offworld episode 6: Arrival

    This week on Offworld, we look at the science fiction film Arrival and its depiction of communication with alien life! Ariel is joined by cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Teon Brooks and Dr. Douglas Vakoch, President of METI (Messaging Extraterrestial Intelligence) to discuss how we might try to decipher verbal and visual language or alien origin.