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    The Creature Art of Akihito

    Makeup effects artist Akihito shows us his latest sculptures and makeups at this year's Monsterpalooza show. From his incredible take on a samurai Predator bust to a Maleficent makeup, we find Akihito's art spellbinding to behold.

    3D-Printed Sculptures Made in Virtual Reality

    Artist Gio Nakpil from the Oculus Medium team shows off a massive 3d printed figure he sculpted using the virtual reality tool. We what with Gio about his process and the features that make VR sculpting appealing to professional 3D modelers.

    Mike Hill's Realistic Frankenstein Monster Sculpture!

    Mike Hill--the award-winning creature designer for The Shape of Water--unveils his newest sculpture at this year's Monsterpalooza. It's a portrait of Boris Karloff's monster from the 1931 Frankenstein, along with little Maria from the film. Mike talks about how he made these striking life-sized figures and talks a little about his work on The Shape of Water!

    The Concept Sculptures of Simon Lee

    Concept sculptor Simone Lee always brings some interesting pieces to Monsterpalooza. This year, he bought several sculpts he uses to teach students how to tackle two different types of characters in an action scene. We chat with Simon about his role as a concept sculptor and how his work helps directors visualize and storytell their films.

    PROJECTIONS, Episode 46: Vacation Simulator and Rec Room!

    We catch up on our conversations with developers from this year's Game Developers Conference, including checking in with Owlchemy Labs and their new game Vacation Simulator. Plus, Jeremy geeks out with developer Against Gravity about the design of their Rec Room quests!

    Adam Savage's Silicon Valley Comic Con 2018 Panel!

    Adam's full panel from this year's Sillicon Valley Comic Con! Adam talks about this year's incognito costume walk, collaborating with The Broken Nerd, and answers questions from the audience. Lots of good stories here about making things, Mythbusters, and favorite memories!

    The Creature Model Kits at Monsterpalooza 2018!

    One of our favorite things about the creature effects show Monsterpalooza is finding awesome resin kits and limited-run figures made talented artists. For those of us who couldn't make it to the show, here are some of the artists you should check out and find their kits online!

    Designing Wolverine's Costume from X-Men 2

    Ironhead Studio brings a costume out from their archives--Wolverine's costume from X2: X-Men United--to show how designer Jose Fernandez gave the X-Men their evolved look in one of the best superhero films of all time. Jose talks to us about his design approach to this costume and shows us aspects not seen on screen. Plus, we check out one of the helmets Ironhead Studio made for Netflix's Altered Carbon!

    Quantum Creations FX's Fallout Pip-Boy Prop

    We meet the prop and costume fabricators of Quantum Creations FX, who have worked on films like Watchmen, Tron: Legacy, and Ghostbusters. One prop that caught our eye is this Pip-Boy piece, realistically stylized for use in a Fallout commercial. Quantum Creations FX's founder details the making of this prop and original spacesuits showcasing their costume-making talents.

    Ghost in the Shell and Warcraft Props from Weta Workshop!

    Weta Workshop made some truly incredible costumes and props for the recent Ghost in the Shell and Warcraft films. We get up close to some of these pieces coming up on auction at Prop Store. From full suits of armor to sci-fi robots, these pieces are full of intricate details that look great in person!

    Pat Magee's Creepy Minion Costumes!

    Effects artist and creature fabricator Pat Magee makes incredible costumes for his twin boys every year. For this past Monsterpalooza, he unveiled his twisted take on creepy minions! We chat with Pat about the costumes he makes for his kids, as well as a Beetlejuice snake sculpture to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the film!

    Adam Savage Repairs Totoro Costume!

    Adam Savage and the Tested team ran a cosplay repair booth at this year's Silicon Valley Comic Con, and Adam was so delighted to find another Totoro cosplayer at the show! Adam helps repair this Totoro costume, which is a different take on the character than Adam's own build. Plus, Adam geeks out over an amazing Darkseid cosplay!

    Hands-On with VR OmniDirectional Treadmill!

    We step onto the Infinadeck, the omnidirectional treadmill seen in the movie Ready Player One. This treadmill lets you walk freely in virtual reality, in any direction. We learn about how it works and give our impressions on the state of the technology today. Plus, a preview of the new Oculus Studios game Defector--an action spy thriller from the developers of Wilson's Heart.

    Totally Unauthorized Commentary: Return to Oz (1985)

    Norm and Danica are joined by professional modelmaker and new Tested contributor Kayte Sabicer to watch a classic "Dark Age Disney" film, Return to Oz! We talk about the expectations for this film, how it haunted us as kids, and its amazing effects puppeteering and animation work.

    Making a Skyrim-Inspired Foam Sword!

    Bill Doran of Punished Props joins the Tested team to share his expertise in foam fabrication and prop building! In our first project, Bill designs a foam sword that we can cut in our shop laser cutter. The simple project lets us dive into the basics of shaping foam with contact cement and rotary tools.

    Offworld Episode 5: Europa Report (2013)

    We're joined by spacecraft engineer Bobak Ferdowsi and marine scientist Vicky Vásquez to talk about the 2013 film Europa Report! There's a lot to like about the film, including how it portrays the challenges of a crewed mission to Jupiter's moon. Is Europa our best bet for finding alien life in our solar system? Let's discuss!

    Darren Moser's Life-Size K-2SO Puppet Cosplay

    We catch up with replica prop builder Darren Moser, who has finished his life-size K-2SO puppet cosplay and brought it to this year's WonderCon! Darren walks us through how he gets this 30-pound puppet to walk the floor, pose for photos, and hear about his upgrade plans.