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    Bits to Atoms: Modding 'The Getaway' Pinball Machine

    Time to take a field trip to the local pinball arcade! Jeremy and Sean take Bits to Atoms on location to modify The Getaway: High Speed II pinball machine to work with a real stop light. And to do that, they have to dive inside the machine to see how it works.

    Exploring the Hobby Aircraft at the NEAT Fair

    The Northeast Electric Aircraft Technology Fair (NEAT Fair) is a gathering of RC hobbyists who enjoy designing, building, and/or flying electric-powered models. I like all three of those things. So I've been itching to attend NEAT for a long, long time. I finally got my chance to stop in this year and experience this unique event. Since I could attend for only one day, I decided that I would leave my models at home and just observe.

    Genesis of the NEAT Fair

    The inaugural NEAT Fair was held in 2000, a time when electric-powered flying models were still a fringe element of the RC hobby. The motors, batteries, and electronic widgets available to electric-minded hobbyists were all rather crude by today's standards. Any measure of success required forethought, ingenuity, and daring. NEAT provided a rare opportunity for those early innovators to compare notes and show off their latest breakthroughs.

    Things have certainly changed in 18 years! Electric-powered aircraft are now a huge facet of the hobby. The availability of off-the-shelf models with great performance means that you no longer have to be an expert just to get off the ground. Even so, there are still modelers who are constantly nudging the state of the art and trying new things. For them, the NEAT Fair remains a Mecca.

    The NEAT Fair featured numerous electric models that were big…really big!

    NEAT is officially a 4-day event. This year's show ran from Thursday, 9/14 to Sunday, 9/17. Some eager participants began setting up as early as the previous weekend. When I arrived on Saturday morning, the entire flightline was filled with pop-up canopies and tents. Event director, Tom Hunt, told me that more than 300 pilots were registered.

    The event takes place just outside of Downsville, a quiet town in the Catskill Mountains of New York. More specifically, NEAT is held at the Peaceful Valley Campsite along the Delaware River. This location presents an interesting dichotomy for NEAT goers. Upon arrival at this event celebrating technology and innovation, participants will likely find that their cell phones and other modern electronic leashes are mere paperweights in this remote valley. Yet, no one that I spoke with seemed to mind spending a few days off the grid.

    Adam Savage Explores the Science-Fiction Spacesuits of FBFX

    When Adam was recently in London, he visited the headquarters of FBFX, the makers of spacesuits for films like The Martian, Prometheus, and Alien: Covenant. There, we examined up-close the insane details that make up these spacesuits, and learn how they're designed and put together from sorted bins of individually crafted and weathered parts.

    PROJECTIONS, Episode 24: Pimax 8K VR Headset Hands-on!

    Two areas of improvement for today's virtual reality headsets are display resolution and field of view. Pimax, a VR company based out of Shanghai, are hoping to solve those with its 8K headset that it's launching on Kickstarter. We go hands-on with their 8K prototype to see what game and text content look like under this display, and how immersion is improved with a 200-degree FOV. Here are our impressions and an interview with Pimax's CEO.

    Highlights From Adam Savage's September 2017 Reddit AMA

    In case you missed it, on Sept. 14, 2017, Adam (aka "mistersavage") had another epic AMA on reddit, answering questions for hours. We've gathered some of our favorite answers below; to read the full AMA, go here!

    bl1ndvision: What's something someone can buy for under $50 that will change their life (for the better)?

    mistersavage: Fantastic question!!! A great kitchen knife can be grabbed for that much. Too many options. I don't have a definitive answer but I love the thought experiment.

    adamgerken: Adam, I saw Jamie speaking at an event at our college some years ago (you were also supposed to be there but I'll forgive you) and the thing he talked about that really sticks with me is how you two aren't really friends and don't really get along all that well. Tell me it ain't so! If that's the case was it always the case or did you two just grow apart, a la The Beatles?

    mistersavage: No no no, you misunderstand the relationship. We are not good friends. But we were great business partners. The fact is, while we argued about all the small stuff, every single day, we never argued about the big stuff: whether to trade our integrity for a brand, or about the money. And for that I will always treasure my business partnership with Jamie.

    LEGO with Friends: UCS Batman Tumbler, Part 5

    Will we be able to finish the UCS Batman Tumbler set this week? It doesn't matter, because we've had so much fun geeking out about miniatures and modelmaking with our guest this week. Thanks so much to Kayte for joining us and telling some awesome stories!

    LEGO with Friends: UCS Batman Tumbler, Part 4

    As the end of the week gets closer, we're questioning whether we can wrap up this build in time! Sean talks about a project making a miniature replica of the Mercury space program capsule, and Kayte reveals an obsession with the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

    PROJECTIONS, Episode 23: Inside-Out Tracking with Single Camera

    One of the next frontiers for virtual and augmented reality headsets is inside-out positional tracking, a problem that's yet to be fully solved. We visit the offices of Occipital--makers of the Structure Sensor--to get a demo of their inside-out tracking system that can work with a single camera, and chat with Occipital's CEO about their approach to this computer vision challenge.

    Let's Build: Star Trek Enterprise Model Kit

    We manage to dig up a rare Bandai Star Trek Enterprise kit that was released over 15 years ago! Jeremy, Kishore, and Norm assemble this 1/850 scale model that comes complete with painted parts and even beautiful lighting electronics!

    Announcing the 2017 Tested Premium Community Gift!

    Adam and Norm reveal this year's gift for Tested premium members! Members who joined or renewed since May 31st will get an exclusive 7" vinyl record of the Brain Candy song that Adam sang and recorded live at Third Man Records. This single will not be available for sale anywhere, and is our way of saying thanks to the Tested community for supporting us and watching our videos. Learn more about the benefits of a membership here! (If you are eligible for this promotion, please make sure you completely fill out your shipping address in your Tested profile as soon as possible to guarantee delivery. If you’ve already added your shipping address to your profile in the past, please double check its accuracy.)

    Highlights from Prop Store's 2017 Live Auction

    Back at Comic-Con, we got a preview of Prop Store's upcoming Live Auction, in which costumes and props like Starlord's hero helmet from Guardians of the Galaxy are going to find their ways in the hands of collectors. Brandon Alinger of Prop Store walks us through some of his favorite pieces from the auction, from films like Indiana Jones and Back to the Future series.