In Brief: The Fictional Videogames in Her

By Norman Chan

And the creators who made them.

I'm endlessly fascinated by fake software in media. Whether that's faux futuristic operating systems in science fiction film or a fake video game used as a minor plot point, these are designed elements that an artist crafted to bolster the constructed reality of that story, even if it only appears on screen for only a few seconds. Spike Jonze's Her (which we still need to do a spoilercast about) builds it world thoroughly, from the Samantha OS that's the crux of the story to the imagined videogames of the near-future. Plenty has been said about the former, but this Creators Project post is the first I've read about the latter. Her actually has two fake videogames, and both have plenty to say about the current state of game design. I won't spoil what they are in case you haven't seen the movie, but will direct you to the websites of designers David O Reilly and Kevin Dart, who developed those game sequences for the film.