In Brief: Studying Interface Design in Science Fiction

By Norman Chan

From typography to HUDs.

A couple of blogs I wanted to give shouts outs to this morning, all tangentially related. The first is Typeset In The Future, a new blog that studies the typography used in science fiction film, starting with 2001: A Space Odyssey. Writer Dave Addey (a writer at Apple) scrutinizes the type used in title cards, production design, computer interfaces, and corporate logos in Kubrick's film, noting interesting combinations like the meshing of Gill Sans and Futura. That blog reminded me of two others that analyze sci-fi production design: Source Code in TV and Films is exactly as it sounds; a site that explains what the pseudo or real code is that appears on computer screens in media (making a table in HTML is popular), and HUDS + GUIS, which collects examples of beautiful graphic user interfaces created by post-production artists in film, TV, and video games. And finally, even though I'm not a big Tumblr user, VisualPunker is a fun repository of animated GIFs collecting UIs and electronics in sci-fi film and anime.