Empire Strikes Back DL-44 Up for Auction

By Norman Chan

This looks pretty familiar.

I love how things come full circle. There was a lot of buzz yesterday about a Star Wars Han Solo blaster being put up for auction this month, with a starting quote of $200,000. California-based Profiles in History is the current owner of the prop, and Invaluable is holding the auction on the 21st of this month--what a Christmas present for yourself. As a student of the DL-44, there are a few things to note about this prop. One, it looks to be a stunt blaster made for Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, a modified resin version of the A New Hope blaster made from castings of the original C96 Mauser (they have the same serial number as the hero prop). Two, after examining the chips and cosmetic damage of this blaster in the auction photos, I'm pretty certain it's the exact same prop that was at one point in the possession of Prop Store. You can see Brandon Alinger holding this prop in this 2009 video, and I've included a high-res photo of the prop below. According to Alinger, this prop was obtained by a collector who got it from an original production source. The more you know!