Raiders Fanfilm Gets Movie Adaptation

By Norman Chan

Like Super 8, but with even more Spielberg influences.

You've know this legendary story. Two best friends growing up in the 80's watched Raider of the Lost Ark when it was first released and became obsessed with remaking the entire movie themselves, shot for shot. Their project, a fan film before there even were fan films, took seven years to complete, and was revealed to the world when director Eli Roth showed it to AintItCool's Harry Knowles. Vanity Fair told the story in a massive feature. There was a book about it. And now it's going to be made into a movie. Let's hope this adaptation is more Super 8 than Fanboys. The trailer for the book, with several shots of the fan film, is below.

Copies of the fan film in its entirety occasionally pop up on YouTube. It's worth watching if you can catch it.

Bonus for Raiders fans: this full-length fan-made documentary about Raiders, spliced together from audio interviews, DVD extras, and other fan-collected resources.