Mickey Mouse in Vietnam, By Lee Savage and Milton Glaser

By Adam Savage

A meaningful 16mm antiwar film from Adam's childhood resurfaces.

Today as I was surfing Boingboing, I came across an amazing thing. A post by Cory Doctrow chronicling a moving antiwar film made years ago by Lee Savage and the designer (and his friend) Milton Glaser. Lee Savage was a painter and an animator and a director, and was always very proud of this film. Lee Savage was my father.

Milton's people contacted me a few months ago to see if I had any copies of the film, but unfortunately I couldn't locate any, which makes me doubly glad to see it up on YouTube, as I grew up seeing this film, and was sad at the prospect that it might have been inadvertently lost.

Milton did an interview with Buzzfeed recently about the film where they must have misinterpreted what he said because he seems to imply that Lee Savage died a couple of years after the Vietnam war. In point of fact, Lee Savage died nearly three decades later after a long and unfortunate battle with Alzheimer's.

What a treat to see it again. Lee was a complicated, loving, generous, maddening, brilliant and difficult man/artist/father. I miss him every day.