How FX Studios Turn 2D Movies to 3D Moneymakers

By Matthew Braga

New technology from visual effects studio In-Three is bringing 2D content into the 3D world.

dimensionalization. In an interview with Studio Daily, visual effects studio In-Three discussed the powerful technology responsible for bringing 2D films into the third dimension -- and its more complicated than you might think.

Features like Avatar are filmed with stereoscopic 3D equipment, but not every production is so fortunate; many films are recorded in 2D only to be converted to 3D in post-production. With dimensionalization, In-three takes this "flat" footage, and breaks down each scene into its core components. This includes the foreground, background and key objects or actors. With the company's in-house software, artists arrange the pieces, tweak for depth, and ultimately create the 3D effect viewed in theaters.

Alice in Wonderland have pushed the process to the mainstream, it might not be long before some of our old favorites are given the 3D treatment too.

Image via Flickr user dryxe.