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    Adam Savage Moderating the Expanse Panel at Comic-Con

    In case you didn't know, Adam Savage LOVES Syfy's series the Expanse. So when he was asked to moderate the panel with its stars and producers at Comic-Con, he jumped at the chance. (By the way, if you're not watching it, you should give it a try!) Here's the panel in full.

    Simone and Norm Tour Comic-Con 2016!

    The Tested team strolls through the massive Comic-Con exhibit hall in our annual walkthrough of the show! It's Simone's first Comic-Con, and we make sure to stop by the Star Wars, Weta Workshop, and LEGO booths to gush over costumes, collectibles, and artwork. Here are some of the best things we saw in our whirlwind tour of the floor!

    Adam Savage Incognito as a Bear at Comic-Con 2016!

    It's time for Adam's Incognito walk through San Diego Comic-Con! This year, Adam's costume is a creature of his own creation--a bear suit that's more realistic than cartoonish. But he also couldn't help making it pop-culture related, so he made it inspired by the Leonardo DiCaprio film, The Revenant, complete with a Leo prop!

    Star Trek Beyond and Star Wars Costumes from Anovos

    With every big sc-fi film release, we look forward to costume replicas that fans can cosplay at conventions. Anovos debuted new costumes from Star Trek and Star Wars at Comic-Con, and we chat with them about their process for sourcing fabrics, replicating patterns, and making costume kits.

    eFX Collectibles' Black Panther and Suicide Squad Prop Replicas

    We get up close with the beautiful helmet and prop replicas made by eFX collectibles at Comic-Con. Chatting with eFX founder Bryan Ono, we learn about how they're fabricating the Black Panther helm from Captain America: Civil War, and the process of replicating Harley Quinn's weapons from suicide squad.

    Jurassic Park Prop Replicas at Comic-Con 2016

    We check in with the team at Chronicle Collectibles to see their latest Jurassic Park statues, marquettes, and replica props. We learn about the sourcing of the reference assets from production archives and private collections, and what fans can expect next.

    Cutaway Millennium Falcon Model Miniature!

    One of our first stops at this year's Comic-Con was the Quantum Mechanix booth, where we found some amazing new scale models. John Eblan of QmX's FX Cinema Arts shows us an incredible cutaway Millennium Falcon, a new Star Trek ship, and a fully realized Milano from Guardians of the Galaxy! (Minor Star Trek Beyond spoilers within)

    The Little Wood Chopper - Episode 44 - 7/22/16
    This episode of Creaturegeek, Frank and I talk with Rick "The Little Wood Chopper" Lazzarini of The Character Shop. Rick talks about his work on the Ghostbusters reboot and also the lack of credit for it. Rick gives us some great insight into the behind-the-scenes of the behind-the-scenes. Thanks for listening! If you're digging this show, please head over to and support us with a few bucks.
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    Sean Bishop's Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Replica!

    Ghostbusters fans have been making replicas of props and costumes from the film for decades. But not many people have taken on building their own Ecto-1 replica. We meet Sean Bishop, who has built a highly-detailed reproduction of the iconic car, both outside and in!

    Adam Savage's Star Trek Beyond Costume

    Adam and Norm geek out over the new Star Trek Beyond uniform and pick out the differences from the past films in the franchise. Here are some close-up details for replica costume makers to scrutinize, including what's behind the seams. Adam of course tries it on!

    Tested Goes to the 2016 Replica Prop Forum Party!

    Every year, members of the Replica Prop Forum gather to share their projects and works in progress. Here are some highlights from this year's RPF party, including great replicas of movie props from Star Trek, Jurassic Park, comic books, and even Pixar films. Check out that Pizza Planet Truck!

    Star Wars TIE Bomber Cross Section Model

    We catch up with modelmaker Jonathan Faber at the Replica Prop Forum party to get an update on his Star Wars TIE Bomber projects, including his recently completed cutaway model. Jonathan explains how he designed the imagined interiors of the ship and points out some of its great detail.

    In Brief: The Making of Slimer for the New Ghostbusters

    I saw the new Ghostbusters over the weekend and really enjoyed it. Especially the designs of the ghosts--which almost had a Disney Haunted Mansion feel to them (a good thing in my book). The nods to the original were a bit wearing at times, but I'm glad they brought back Slimer as a not-purely malevolent spectral entity. In the film, Slimer was all CG, but it turns out that the production hired Rick Lazzarini's The Character Shop to build an animatronic Slimer to use as a stand-in for filming. The build of that mech (along with a few spoilers) detailed here. It's a fitting tribute to the puppet Steve Johnson made for the original.

    Adam Savage Visits the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition!

    After making its way around the world, the incredible exhibition of Stanley Kubrick's work has arrived in San Francisco. Adam Savage tours the exhibit to show you some of his favorite items. From rare camera equipment to pre-production artwork and film props, these objects connect us to one of cinema's greatest minds.

    Frank Langely: Puppeteer - Episode 44 - 7/8/16
    On this episode, Frank and I welcome special effects guru Frank Langley. Frank is a puppeteer whose work includes the infamous Team America: World Police. Frank shares plenty of great stories and talks about some of his new projects, including Yamasong. If you're digging this show, please head over to and support us with a few bucks. Thanks for listening!
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    Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Kylo Ren's Costume Gorget!

    Sewing is the focus of this week's One Day Build, as Adam works on a piece of his in-progress Kylo Ren cosplay by making the costume's gorget. Adam talks about finding the reference and design for this neck piece, demonstrates patterning, and gets to work at his sewing station!

    What Can Design Learn from Science Fiction?

    Chris Noessel: Gorgeous + Catastrophic from Reaktor on Vimeo.

    We've linked to Chris Noessel's brilliant Sci-Fi interfaces blog before, but a good introduction to the research and analysis done by Chris and his associates is this presentation he gave at last year's Reaktor Breakpoint conference. His three most recent blog posts are also worth digesting--an examination of science fiction's interpretation of and solutions to the Fermi paradox and the implications of those stories to society.