Highlights From Adam Savage's September 2017 Reddit AMA

By Kristen Lomasney

As always, Adam had a lot of interesting answers to redditor questions during his AMA. Here are some of our favorites.

In case you missed it, on Sept. 14, 2017, Adam (aka "mistersavage") had another epic AMA on reddit, answering questions for hours. We've gathered some of our favorite answers below; to read the full AMA, go here!

bl1ndvision: What's something someone can buy for under $50 that will change their life (for the better)?

mistersavage: Fantastic question!!! A great kitchen knife can be grabbed for that much. Too many options. I don't have a definitive answer but I love the thought experiment.

adamgerken: Adam, I saw Jamie speaking at an event at our college some years ago (you were also supposed to be there but I'll forgive you) and the thing he talked about that really sticks with me is how you two aren't really friends and don't really get along all that well. Tell me it ain't so! If that's the case was it always the case or did you two just grow apart, a la The Beatles?

mistersavage: No no no, you misunderstand the relationship. We are not good friends. But we were great business partners. The fact is, while we argued about all the small stuff, every single day, we never argued about the big stuff: whether to trade our integrity for a brand, or about the money. And for that I will always treasure my business partnership with Jamie.

mvw2 : Adam, if you're willing to share, what is one, major life goal of yours?

mistersavage: I absolutely love interviewing others about their passions. The SYFY podcasts were such a joy to produce and working with the network was so refreshing and lovely.

adventurousideas: If you were secret wars'd off to a battle planet where you had to fight off against large ambulatory sandwiches, what kind of sandwich would you most and least want to engage with in battle?

mistersavage: Put down that bong.

mordreadlol: Hey Adam, what does your EDC look like?

mistersavage: Flashlight. Keys. Wallet. Leatherman. Phone. Those are the essentials.

CogitoErgoFkd: Hey man! Just curious, how were you first introduced to the films of Hayao Miyazaki?

mistersavage: The wonderful designer Nilo Rodis-Jamero was production designing a film I was working on in the mid '90s. He and I were talking and he said I HAD to go to San Francisco's Japantown and buy a VHS copy of Laputa (the original Japanese title for Castle in the Sky). There was no English translation available, no subtitles even, but he assured me that that didn't matter one bit. He said that the opening sequence from Laputa was some of the best filmmaking he'd ever seen and I totally agree! I still have that VHS somewhere in storage.

Higgs-B: Greetings Adam! I am a Tested Premium member who received his bear costume poster a little over a month ago and cannot explain how excited I was to receive it! As a long time White Stripes fan I was even more excited with the announcement of the next gift for premium members. Did you have any prior recording experience, and was it intimidating to work with Jack and Third Man Records?

mistersavage: It was intimidating in the abstract, but Jack and his team were so welcoming and such awesome audio geeks and music lovers, they dispelled my anxiety immediately. And thanks for the compliment!

N1ckS4ss: Given the opportunity to travel back in time and give young you advice; what would you tell him and why?

mistersavage: Work harder.

LukeKlingensmith: Do you ever take the maker mentality to the kitchen? If so I'd love to see an episode with you cooking, only using shop tools

mistersavage: I do! My wife and I are both serious about cooking and go through phases of doing a lot of cooking. When the SF heatwave hit it corresponded with tomato season and she made an INCREDIBLE gazpacho. I ate that soup for DAYS.

The_11th_Hour_Over: What recommendations do you have for someone who likes to build things, but has minimal tools?

mistersavage: Start with paper and cardboard. Move to other more advance materials as your comfort level increases. You can do amazing things with minimal tools. Google "Cardboard Armor."

Bad_wolf42: Adam, what resources did you use for your bullwhip build? I've read several whip making books and was curious which one you used.

mistersavage:This!!!! (And I'm deeply pleased I found the book so quickly.)

AdrianD26: What are the tools, beyond the basic hand tools (screw drivers, drills, hammers, etc.) that you MUST have?

mistersavage: I think not in terms of tools as much as I think in terms of skills. If you learn how to build things out of paper and cardboard, the skills you'll learn in the mental exercise of doing that help you with carpentry, sewing, and everything else.

camren_rooke: Do you or HAVE you ever played DnD or the like?

mistersavage: Yes! I played in high school and was the DM at my local library in Tarrytown when I was a junior in high school. Actually my first kiss came about DIRECTLY as a result of playing D&D.

Cpt_Newlin: Hey, Adam, what is your high score on Centipede?

mistersavage: MILLIPEDE. And my high score is (runs over to arcade cabinet and checks) 393,389 IN ONE QUARTER.

laurennayman: What's your best advice for creating a satisfying and impactful career that you enjoy?

mistersavage: Be nice to everyone. I've been hired by people that used to work for me and I've hired former bosses of mine a ton. Being easy to work with makes everything better. i don't mean being a pushover, but being agreeable to argue with is an important skill.

loki93009: What is your go to happy place?

mistersavage: A hot bath with a good book is hard to beat. Walking into my shop in the morning with a hot coffee in my hand and a clean workbench is also lovely.

Snefru54: Mythbusters changed many lives, especially your own. If mythbusters had never been, what were your aspirations for where you would be now.

mistersavage: I like to imagine I'd have matriculated to being an FX supervisor at this point in my life had MB not come along in the early aughts. But who knows? I still love the industry and read every Cinefex as it arrives.

itssnowinggg: how did you come up with huxley's name?

mistersavage: We wanted a literary name, that was important to us as he's such a hound.

We first though of Poe but considered it ill-advised to give a name to a dog that was so close to "no." And we're both fans of Aldous Huxley.

TheOlRedditWhileIPoo: If you could steal a smooch from any guy in Hollywood who would it be?

mistersavage: Chris Hemsworth or the Rock.

swordgeek: You've gotten healthier as you've gotten older. How do you stick to it?

mistersavage: I watch what I eat. I don't drink. I sleep 7 hours a night. I meditate. I pay a lot of attention to my family and friends. I let my dogs sleep on the bed (one sleeps under the covers!). And I speak my beliefs.

Aliendude3799: What's the best set you got to be apart of? I'm going to school for Directing so I want to know what people like in a set for the right atmosphere, etc

mistersavage: The Expanse is such a family from the painters to the stars and showrunners (and writers!). THAT's the kind of work environment that makes it fun to come in every day. Remember if YOU'RE in charge you get to set the culture and mood of the endeavor. What would inspire YOU to do your best?

jamarcus92: What would you consider the most crucial point in your career? Can you point to one moment or event that started opening doors that lead you to Mythbusters and your other various successes?

mistersavage: Impossible to answer. Life is messier than that. I love Edison's comment that most people miss opportunity because it's dressed in overalls and looks like work. I've always worked hard at what I was interested in and that (and lots of luck) has led to all my success.