Adam's Mecha-Hand Posters are Now Shipping!

By Norman Chan

Today is also the last day to get in on the promotional offer for a membership + poster.

Hey everyone, we're pleased to let Premium Members know that we began shipping out the Mecha-Hand posters today. The prints arrived in our office and look fantastic--they're 24"x36" if you want to get a frame ahead of time. We had to approve the packing process, and are shipping them out in batches of a few hundred each. Once Will and I get back from PAX, we'll continue the shipping the rest of the posters a batch at a time, and hope to have all of them out for members who joined during the promotional period in a week and a half or so. The posters aren't going out exactly based on when members signed up, so we unfortunately won't be able to let you know which batch your print is in. Today is also the last day for users to sign up for an annual membership and get in on the first run of these posters.

As promised, Tested Premium Members who signed up before the Comic-Con promotion will have an opportunity to get these posters too, and we'll be putting them in the store soon after the first run is completed. We'll email members directly and make a post about it so you won't miss out.

Thanks again for making this print run a success, and hope you're enjoying our new video series (month of builds, shop projects) that are a direct result of your support. Let us know if you have any additional questions about the poster or the membership promotion, and we'll do our best to answer them in the comments below.