Adam Tour Diaries #7: A Whirlwind Weekend

By Adam Savage

Adam and Jamie had a busy weekend prepping and performing our first three shows in Oz.

I got this shot heading into our first TV station. (Or was it radio? It’s all a blur.)

We had a busy weekend prepping and performing our first three shows in Oz.

We are in the lovely and awesomely foodie town of Melbourne, where the crowds are incredible. I’ve been furiously adding and modifying and refining bits of the show (an endless process, I’m afraid), and if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it’s that when I’m putting a ton of creative energy in one place, I don’t have much left for other places.

But it’s been awesome. Like I said, the Aussie crowds are excellent.

So what has gone on? Well, we arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night, and woke up bright and early Friday for a bunch of press. I love cities at dawn. When I first moved to Manhattan a lifetime ago, I became addicted to the city as the sun came up.

Here’s Jamie eating a meat pie in one of our radio interviews.

Later that day I had a bunch of posters to sign, while Mrs. Donttrythis and Thing2 talked about heading to a wildlife sanctuary during our stay in Melbourne.

Sign, sign, sign.

Success! We made it to a place called the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park. We walked and met many nocturnal animals native to Australia, including cockatoo, kangaroo and GLIDERS!

The Moonlit Sanctuary. More pictures to follow later this week.

We also went and viewed some masterpieces at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV). In the front foyer were these amazing feathered polar bears by Italian artist Paola Pivi.

So beautiful.
These are turkey feathers.
Don’t jump!

There was also this cool water wall.

I took about a hundred photos before getting this shot.

Then it was time to induce a food-coma by eating at ChinChin in Melbourne. We ate to our heart’s content and it was FANTASTIC. Get the caramelized pork. Get the crab cakes. Hell, get everything they have on the menu.

Remember I said it was a food city?
If you’re in Melbourne, you have to eat at ChinChin.

More photos from our weekend in Melbourne:

Here’s Thing1 getting his chance to be a Stormtrooper at the top of act 2 of our show.
Mrs. Donttrythis and I went to a fabulous food market and had some amazing bratwurst.
Here’s Mrs. Donttrythis buying some fantastic cheese.
Thing2 also got to be a (shorter) Stormtrooper.

You know, unfortunately, I just went through my pics of our wildlife sanctuary visit and this terrifying emu was one of the only awesome animal pics I got.

This thing was SCARY.

Here’s a famous graffiti alley in Melbourne. We saw some terrific artwork on the walls there.

We finished our Melbourne leg by seeing the inimitable BOB DYLAN in concert. His crew are a bunch of fans and they couldn’t have been more hospitable, accommodating and generous. The show was fantastic, Bob was in great form, and Thing1 and Thing2 were beside themselves with joy at being able to see such a legend.

In a nutshell? Melbourne being awesome is CONFIRMED.

While on tour in Australia and New Zealand for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits.

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