Adam Tour Diaries #4: Sew, Pram, Nose

By Adam Savage

A trip to Kurraba, right across the Sydney harbor.

Our second day in Australia had a slow start. Both Mrs. Donttrythis and I woke up around 3 a.m., fell back asleep at 5ish, and then slept till 8 or so, but were still unwilling to get out of bed. Left to their own devices, Thing1 and Thing2 watched movies way too loud until we finally mobilized and headed out to see our friend who lives in Kurraba.

Thing2 awaiting the ferry.

Kurraba is just across the Sydney harbor from our hotel, so we took the ferry.

The ferry!

There are, like, thousands of them. And they’re so easy to take! I’m very excited about this idea of a ferry as a viable commute vehicle. I know they’re everywhere, but here in Sydney they seem to be as convenient as subways in NYC. We piled onto a lovely tugboat-style ferry and traipsed across the harbor in about 10 minutes, right past the Sydney Opera House. Got some lovely shots of it from the bay.

Mrs. Donttrythis and the Opera House

From the Kurraba stop, we walked a few hundred meters to our friend’s house, where we were greeted by a fantastic lunch and an EPIC game of charades, featuring 43 separate clues and a buzzer-beating tiebreaker at the end.

Walking with Thing1 and Thing2 to Alice’s house. They are so BIG! It’s crazy having teenagers.
The courtyard view from Alice’s window. Lovely plumage on the Norwegian Blue, eh?

Thing1 had the unfortunate luck to be saddled with the day’s hardest charades clue: Gwyneth Paltrow. He did great, telling us that the second syllable of the first word rhymed with “meth” (don’t ask), and that the first syllable of the second word rhymed with “halt!” Still, it took 10 minutes.

I had fun with “The Sopranos,” breaking it down to:

First syllable: Sew (acting it out was easy)

Third syllable: Nose (pointed at mine)

Second syllable: I pretended to be pushing a baby in a stroller, which I knew in Australia is called a “pram" (short for perambulator?)


We had a good laugh.

Then we took a walk around our friends’ lovely neighborhood, even lovely in the rain, until it was time to head back to the house and enjoy some of the best Vietnamese food I’ve yet had. We had this insane pancake/lettuce thing called Banh Xeo. It was heavenly. We’re totally making them when we get home to SF.

Someone walking the dog.
A walk on the beach.
My favorite shot of the day. We were waiting for Alice to pull her car out of the driveway.
I love this one too, even though it’s blurry. Feels like a Gerhard Richter. Just a little. Such great light!

Finally around 9:30 p.m. the lag hit us hard and we scrambled to catch the ferry home. We were the only people on it, and one of the three-member crew invited us up to the wheelhouse! We were introduced to the captain and he said, "MythBusters? Fair dinkum!” We drove home from the warm luxury of their hospitality.

Again, the idea that the average Aussie is a friendly bugger is COMPLETELY CONFIRMED.

One view on the ferry return trip.
Sydney looking like Blade Runner from the ferry dock.

While on tour in Australia and New Zealand for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits.

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