Tour Bus Diaries: I Finally Get Off My Butt

By Adam Savage

Adam finally got off the bus again in Augusta and finds an amazing antiques store.

Holy hell, in Augusta, Ga., I finally got off my butt and got out of the bus. Went to an amazing antiques store on Broad Street that was PACKED with stuff. Whew, did I have a good time. Bought a few tools, a couple of Xmas presents. But mostly just basked in the cacophony. As you might have seen in pictures of my Cave, I love the noisy interiors.

Everyone there was sweet as pie. They rang me up on a beautiful but ancient cash register. Get this: It has like 12 cash drawers, each with a different bell. So that 12 cashiers can use it and not mess up each other’s bookkeeping, AND so that the manager can hear who’s working. All from around the turn of the (previous) century.

I love seeing old tech still being used.

Back at the bus with some business to attend to I knolled while talking on the phone. I do this every day, but today’s knoll was particularly fine:

Another view with the window open for fresh air. Ahhhhh … Fresh air and knolling. When my Norwegian grandfather first settled in the Dakotas in 1903 or so, his farm was in the middle of nowhere but surrounded by a perfect square of trees. For some reason that’s what the coins reminded me of.

Julia sent me another shot of Huxley. This is a pose he frequently strikes. We have no solid idea about what it means.

It could mean: “I’m ready for whatever you want."

Or it could mean, “It’s entirely possible that you haven’t fed us yet; perhaps you’d like to remedy that.”

Or even: “Maybe you don’t know that I’ve already been fed by the other human; perhaps I can convince you to double down on the kibble."

Or finally: “I need to pee."

We are still working this translation out. We’ll let you know when we have more information.

Jamie told a joke that one person found funny, but unfortunately nobody else did.

Post-show meal was PIZZA! Whee! I consider pepperoni pizza, alongside a glazed donut and mashed potatoes, to be a perfect food. Even when it’s bad it’s good.

I might have had too many pieces. Time to sleep...

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: