Tour Bus Diaries: Back in the South

By Adam Savage

Only a couple more days left in the tour, and Adam is missing his family and his dogs. A few photos sent helps cheer him up.

Norfolk! Back in the South again. Very nice to have some warmer weather. By warmer I don’t mean to imply that it’s actually warm, as it’s only in the 50s, but that is very welcome in contrast to the winter chill that was descending on us in the Northeast.

Remember how I said it was easy to calcify in the bus? How it’s easy to wake up late and not leave for extended periods of time? Yeah, well, that happened in Norfolk. I had some business to take care of via phone, and as can often happen with phone business, it took far longer than I thought it would, and far more mental energy.

I also had some writing to finish, and personal logistics to manage. Christmas is coming, my boys are flying to meet me in a couple of days, and my wife a few days after that. The travel document rivals a NASA manual in its complexity. Oh, right, and I also had to make sure that my kids were on track to turn in all of their school assignments, etc. There was a lot going on. So I didn’t really leave the bus all day.

Julia sent me a couple of lovely pictures of the dogs, whom I miss like crazy. Here’s Huxley:

And here is the inimitable fur ball, Maggie.

Both were sleeping at the same time on the sunny couch that is their favorite. I can’t WAIT to see these guys in a week or so. Painful.

I went and did the show for a terrific Norfolk crowd. They were hospitable, lovely and did some hilarious things on our high-speed camera. Jamie met with some resistance during one of his bits:

But as you can see, one fan liked it …

After the show we had the meet-and-greet. Just so you know: These are more expensive tickets, where the ticket holders meet Jamie and I after the show. We answer a few more questions and then take pictures with everyone. The girl in the pic above was such an uber fan, she could barely speak when she met us.

So cute. I love her hat.

Back on the bus around midnight, I FaceTimed with the boys. It was only 9 California, so the time difference worked marvelously. For a change they turned their cameras around and I talked to their feet for a while.

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: