Tour Bus Diaries: The Incredible Door

By Adam Savage

A tale of two doors.

We had an insane crowd in Lowell, Mass. Insane in a good way. But first, the incredible door.

Walking around Lowell Memorial Auditorium we came across this door.

Look at that thing! So gorgeous. BRASS. Apparently this part of the theater used to be a bank. They’d done a massive renovation and taken it over, but this had remained.

And thank goodness too; it’s truly the best door I’ve ever seen. Far better than the hilariously quotidian door to my dressing room:

No offense, it just looks like a gym bathroom. But the room inside was very nice, and I don’t mean to denigrate any of the nice people in Lowell.

Speaking of Lowell, just FYI, it was COLD. I wandered around for a couple of hours, and the town, while small, is beautiful East Coast brick. I love walking around places like this back east and imagining that some of the views haven’t substantively changed in a couple hundred years.

Look at this:

Take out the cars and throw in some horses, and I’ll bet it looked like this when Franklin was wandering around. That’s very cool. I often think that if we were zapped back in time we’d be surprised by two things:

1. The smell. I’ll bet that most of the past smelled like you-know-what.

2. How familiar it is. There’ll be the same things: hotels, inns, stories, working-class people, poor people, rich people. The proportions would be different, but the cities and towns would all feel quite familiar to us. I swear even the streets of Rome 2,000 years ago would be likely understandable to us today.

I like thinking about that stuff. Makes reading history more fun.

Later that night Jamie tried his favorite joke on the audience.

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