Tour Bus Diaries: So, Baltimore

By Adam Savage

Adam's a little backlogged in tour diaries, but is back on track with this recap of the show's visit to Baltimore. There, he found beautiful signs, a interesting graveyard visit, and a smart hat purchase!

I’m so sorry. I’ve been remiss in my missives from the road. This is due to nothing other than tiredness--or laziness, I haven’t decided which. But here I am, four cities behind.

So, Baltimore. I’ve been to this city before; in my youth a friend lived down here, so I’ve made the drive from NYC a few times. On this occasion, we were playing at the legendary Hippodrome.

I totally got this from my dad, but I LOVE signs like this. The hand-worked metal, the many bulbs. Seeing them always gives me a thrill. I came back in the evening to get a second shot from almost the same vantage point:

Okay, so it’s slightly off, but I wasn’t referring to the original. But...BALTIMORE!

We had a terrific time here. My friend K-Lo came up on the train, and we wandered around the wharf area a bit, with some great success. By great success I mean we saw some cool stuff, bought some cool stuff and had a good walk to boot.

First, we walked to the grave of Edgar Allen Poe. SERIOUSLY, it’s like a block from the theater.

He used to be buried here:

But they moved him:

Cool stuff to buy, you ask? How about an awesome HAT store--Hippodrome Hatters--just one block from the theater.

They’ve been there for decades, were very sweet, and sold me the straw boater of my dreams. I can’t wait until a nice summer day when I can rock this in the park. It’s custom-made in Panama, and he called it a “20-hour” hat, which presumably means that it took 20 hours to assemble. What a fun joy to find such a place!

You can find them at 318 West Baltimore St.!

The Baltimore evening was lovely. Cool but not too cold. We meandered for a couple of hours and eventually went back to make the show.

The crowd didn’t appreciate Jamie’s BO. I’m running out of ideas for this gag...

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: