Tour Bus Diaries: The Blur of Akron

By Adam Savage

Adam professes his love for movie soundtracks on his day exploring Akron. One more day to New York City!

Akron, Ohio was a blur. We got a lot done: Fixed a glitch with the high-speed. Repaired some broken set pieces. Redressed some of the finale to get a bigger laugh on the reveal.

I even made it out to a military surplus store. Which I totally should have taken a picture of. I really should have, and I'm sorry that I didn't. It was just such a weird, dark place, I kinda wanted out just as soon as I saw they didn't have what I wanted.

You know how every now and then a store looks like it's clearly closed from the outside but it's not? And how that's kinda weird? Let's just say that I didn't have much of a problem believing that they had a fight club in the basement.

It wasn't here, but this gets the mood of what I mean.

Or how about this:

(Filtering was done in Afterlight.)

At the bookstore the other day I picked up Sputnik Sweetheart by Murakami, and it's enveloped me since. Nearly finished and I'll be sad it's not as long as 1Q84. It might be a new favorite. There's lots of very lovely writing on attentiveness and the nature of being. I've also indulged in the soundtrack to Gravity.

Did you know that I love movie soundtracks? Truly I do. In fact, I have a whole genre in my playlist comprised solely of the over-poppy songs they play over the closing credits. Sister Hazel and stuff like that.

Look, I have a space in my heart for Chet Baker, Beyoncé, Wilco, Katy Perry, Carter Burwell and Hans Zimmer, and you're just going to have to accept that about me. I mean, have you heard the end-title music from Miller's Crossing? It's sublime. I said it. Sublime.

But I was talking about the blur of Akron. Right. I had a really great meeting with the awesome editors of a magazine I'm writing for, followed by a pair of interviews. Then some lunch, reading, more phone calls, and all of a sudden it's showtime.

Weird and dark pano during Jamie's Q&A.

Jamie took a great photo with the Akron crowd, who were lovely and very interactive -- lots of audience discussion from onstage.

There's a little of Rousseau in this composition.

At the meet and greet I spotted a little girl with a pair of Adam and Jamie felt dolls. When she came up to take a pic with us, she showed them to us and they were AMAZING. So amazing. Check it out.

This is some sophisticated stuff. I wish she'd had a pair for us. I love this. Check her out too: adorable.

Probably the main reason that Akron was a blur is because TOMORROW is New York! For which I cannot wait. To see so many people I love at once in one place ... I'm overwhelmed with anticipation. Trying now -- unsuccessfully -- to get to sleep. It's 2 a.m., but it's not gonna happen soon.

Murakami, here I come.

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: