Tour Bus Diaries: Minneapolis, Part 2

By Adam Savage

More knolling and wandering around one half of the Twin Cities.

I forgot to mention that when I checked into my Kimpton room in Minneapolis, they not only had been pre-warned that I love Twix (thanks, Will!) but they also had a bar puzzle for me! A penny in a saucer filled with water. A glass and a book of matches. The trick was to remove the penny without using anything other than my fingers, but they could NOT touch water. I was also not allowed to move the saucer at all.

I figured it out; here's my solution!

The second day in Minneapolis was pretty chill. I love seeing so much brick when I get out of California. It's just not a very earthquake-friendly material. Wouldn’t this be a great house for Batman? I can totally see the Wayne family celebrating the holidays in that upper large window.

The weather was bleak but romantic. I got some cool shots on the street walking from the hotel to the venue.

Back on the bus, 'twas time to sort (and knoll). Ahhh.

You guys are going to start thinking I'm full OCD, but it's just what happens whenever there's a long phone call. It's my personal fidget. It’s how I think. It’s my version of doodling, ‘cept I doodle with stuff.

I went backstage in the theater to find Jamie forlorn and looking for the catering. Helped him find his way.

He looks so different off-camera, doesn’t he?

The venue catering was insanely good. Some heartily made Louisiana-grade gumbo was the dinner. Sausage, corn, rice, perfection: my mouth still waters. I'm told that it's one of the better caterers on our route. Their tomato-and-pepper soup at lunch was also terrific. I’m getting spoilt.

Then the show. The Minneapolis venue is super bright sound-wise. That is my favorite. Means I can hear everything the crowd does really well from stage. Makes it much more interactive, as I can modulate to them far more easily. Also, Minneapolis' State Theater is a very intimate venue. The sold-out show was 2,100 tickets, but I swore that it wasn't more than a 1,600-seat house.

The crowd was the warmest welcome back to the States anyone could hope for. Just nonstop affection and laughter from the capacity crowd. Wowsers. We all felt it. The crew's mood was even more ebullient than normal. Jamie tried to freak out ...

But the Midwestern calm cooled him down. Then they showed him some good, solid freaking out.

Thanks, Minneapolis! You were amazing!

Milwaukee in the morning!

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