Tour Bus Diaries: Leaving Canada

By Adam Savage

On Adam's last day in Canada, Adam enjoys the winter landscape and some Poutine.

I haven’t mentioned the post-show meal, have I? Right. There’s a meal every night, not dinner. Like the hobbits have second-breakfast, we on the road have a second dinner. It’s more of a snack, really, but the road crews have their favorite food joints in every town, and post-show is when we sample them. The food fare is usually quite excellent. On our first night in Canada we had some poutine.

Ahh, poutine.

If you’ve never heard of poutine, it’s because the Canucks have been holding out on us, just like with the free healthcare and cheap pharmaceuticals. Poutine is insanely good. It’s basically some awesome fries (usually cut with the skin on, from what I’ve seen) slathered in cheese curds and (wait for it) gravy.


And they do all sorts of cool stuff with it, too: In Montreal a few years ago, at one of Anthony Bourdain’s favorite places called Au Pied de Cochon (at the Foot of the Pig) the wife and I had foie gras poutine! Here on this trip, Will, our intrepid and inimitable tour manager, procured three types of Poutine for our post-show enjoyment: 1) regular, classic poutine, 2) a meat-lover's poutine (with bacon and sausage), and 3) a Mexican poutine called “Rainbow” that was everyone’s favorite, even Jamie. It had hot sauce, guacamole, and a couple kinds of cheese.

I’m capitalizing Poutine because it deserves it.

That’s not the news today. The news today is that we left Saskatoon, and now this is our last night in Canada. Sad.

Saskatoon is the most fun city name to say that I’ve yet heard. Saskatoon. Especially when spoken in the native Canadian sing-song cadence, which for the life of me I can’t figure out a way to phonetically spell. Seskatoune? Seskaatune? Saskatoon.

Anyway. We left Saskatoon around 1 a.m. to make a short-ish hop to Regina, where there’s finally real SNOW! As a bonus, incredibly, it’s not as cold here in Regina as it was yesterday in Saskatoon.

This was right outside the theater. The hoarfrost hadn’t set in just yet.

As usual, our crew (and the lovely local crew; truly the Canadian crews have been awesome) loaded in the show in a very short time. Here’s the load-in in progress.

The load-out was no different. Ninety minutes after we say good night onstage, our trucks are on their way. No lie.

Here’s the load-out in progress; this is about 15 minutes after we’ve taken our bows. These guys are fast! Someone was walking across the stage in the same direction I was doing the pano, and it ended up making a weird artifact in the center. Looks like a dude walking with a headless child.

Spotted these two uber-fans in the front row. The kid (dressed as me) had actual fur glued to his face. He was so thrilled to be there. I asked the dad what his name was. Without missing a beat, he said, “Jamie."

Silly me for asking.

The show went without incident. Balloons popped, the audience laughed, and all the gags worked perfectly. So it was off to the hotel. Hotel? I thought we were on the road! Yes, well, this is a feature of being on the road: Every week or so Jamie and I get a day off, and then we get to enjoy a hotel.

Remember when I said that the road crews are awesome in their knowledge of the local eateries? They are doubly so with the local hotels. Every single hotel that I’ve been put up in on this tour has been stunning. Here in Regina we’re at the Hotel Saskatchewan, and it’s great. This was taken around 11 front of the hotel. This is the winter I was looking for! Foggy, snowy, just perfect.

The hotel bumped us up to the Balmoral Suite, which is very homey. But check out the fully Stanley Kubrick bathroom! This might be my favorite panoramic yet. I’m in this photo seven times!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t show this shot of Jamie; he’s got something smelly in his armpit.

After one more day in the hotel, it’s off to Minneapolis. Dinner with friends, and prep for the next week of touring.

Good-bye, Canada! I hope we’re back to see you soon!

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: