Tour Bus Diaries: Saskatoon!

By Adam Savage

Great town with a great name.

Saskatoon is a humdinger of a word. Seriously. Say it a couple of times. Better yet is hearing the natives here dropping it in the singular singsong cadence that's Canadian. Awesome.

The Saskatoon crew and audience were warm and welcoming. Good thing, too, because it was freezing! Freezing to us, that is. The locals described the weather as "mild" and "relatively warm." I kept thinking of Shadow's cold walk through town in American Gods by Neil Gaiman (read it if you haven't!).

There was nobody in catering when we woke up (a relatively early 10 a.m., even more impressive given that we lost another time zone during the overnight drive). So I saddled up to the burner, cracked a few eggs and treated the missus and I to some good slow-cooked scrambled eggs. Best on the tour so far. Heavenly.

The show went well and without incident. At the top of the show we had an adorable little girl who did an amazing job lifting a wonderful man named Lorne one foot in the air. Lorne was a large man and a large ham onstage. It was hilarious. Later Jamie gave everyone a headache with his mind.

Now it's off to the even colder and apparently snowier Regina for our (sadly) last show in Canada.

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: