Tour Bus Diaries: Welcome to Canada!

By Adam Savage

Adam makes his way up to Canada for Thanksgiving and the next part of the tour.

My two favorite things to find in a hotel room? (After, of course, gumdrops in the mini bar.) Mouthwash and sewing kits.

Mouthwash is self explanatory. It’s so damn refreshing. At home we buy it about every four months. We use it up in a couple of months, and then it ALWAYS takes a couple more before we notice.

Sewing kits? I use that stuff all the time. I wear a lot of jackets, and the sewing kit from a hotel is without a doubt the shortest line between a busted button (always placed in the left outside pocket of said jacket) and a restored jacket. Thank you, 1970s public-school home-economics classes, for teaching me sewing.

I had to wake up at 5 a.m. to leave Boise. Of course, the Boise crowd was terrific, so I couldn’t sleep (I’m always wired after a good show), so I wrote until 2 a.m. or thereabouts. Someone waited while I got coffee at the airport and then asked for a picture, and it was so early, and I was so tired, I’m afraid that I appeared annoyed. I know for a fact that I looked like shite. The coffee left me feeling refreshed, though, and then it was onto Delta to fly the 45 minutes from Boise to Salt Lake City.

I caught this small person enjoying the sunrise.

For 90 minutes, I cooled my heels at SLC, buying an iPhone charger to replace the one that I left in the Boise hotel (drat!), and then …

Yes! My wife arrived. What a sight for sore eyes.

Salt Lake City is a gorgeous town, surrounded by lovely mountains. Even this early-morning shot of the gangway has some merit. (Some.)

Flying into Calgary. That is some desolate landscape.

I’m reading Undaunted Courage, about the Lewis & Clark expedition, and landscape like this seems entirely appropriate to reading of their travails. It’s an amazing story, and Stephen Ambrose’s book is a fantastic read.

We made it to Calgary without incident! And such a sweet town. Our hotel was terrific, and the walk around town held many treasures, including this awesome welded steampunk-type horse.

Such a cool sculpture. And I generally hate public art.

We got several recommendations for some cool restaurants, but we were looking in that no-man’s-land between lunch and dinner. We only wanted a snack. Nobody was open.

Sad face.

Later that night, I took a long exposure out our window. This was taken with AvgCamPro, which takes eight shots and gooses up the gain. I think it works pretty OK. I was holding the camera up to the window to minimize shake. I’m a big fan of long-exposure shots. This was taken before we headed out to have a nice, one-day-early Thanksgiving dinner with our entire road crew. Will, our tour manager, had set it up at Moxie’s restaurant, and it was a great way to celebrate so far from home.

The next night, at the show in Calgary, I came up with my favorite photo op yet. I title this one: “Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?” Jamie looks suitably guilty. Heh.

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: