Tour Bus Diaries: A Raucous House in Mesa, AZ

By Adam Savage

Always be knolling.

Mesa, Ariz., gave us rainy weather and a terrific, fully sold-out crowd. The night's sleep on the bus was better than last night's. The scrambled eggs for breakfast were terrible, but they did their job. I worked a bit on my paper model -- for maybe an hour or so.

I had a bunch of phone calls in the morning. That means I walked around my room, Knolling while on the phone. Always be Knolling.

That orange box cutter there? Why is that there? It's actually pretty amazing, because that little orange puppy was in the pocket of my jacket as I made it through not one but TWO airport security checkpoints.

After the phoning and Knolling I traveled out onto Main St. to visit the Mesa, Ariz., antiques market. Two stories and filled with a crap-ton of wonderful detritus.

I bought me a gorgeous and perfect 50-foot tape measure from Sears. Its low profile and vintage stylings actually make it useful as well as lovely. I don't think I've ever seen such a small 50-footer. It's built like a rock.

Here's a good view of one of the 12 aisles or so of the market. Drool.

The show was a stunner. The two pieces we'd added finally came into their own and the beats all lined up perfectly. Some great high speed footage (I'll tweet them later).

Took this shot after intermission:

We are seeing no evil, hearing none. And definitely not speaking any.

At the meet and greet, one little boy -- who was celebrating a birthday that day -- found meeting me and Jamie very moving. He was turning 13, and his emotions as we talked to him were clearly overwhelming. He gave J and I both giant, vigorous hugs before he left. Very sweet.

Thirty minutes out of Mesa, we stopped for road snacks at a truck stop. It was raining and moody. Shiny ground is always good.

I almost forgot. I bought that voltage regulator yesterday? Here's what it looks like. I love this thing.

What am I going to do with it? Regulate some voltage of course! Next silly question?

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