Become a Premium Member of the Tested Community!

By Will Smith

We've brought merch and premium content back to Tested. Here's what that means for you, and what you'll get with a premium membership.

I’m really excited to announce that we’re relaunching our premium membership plan and the Tested shop today (t-shirts are back!). Don’t freak out. A premium membership plan doesn’t mean we’re going to start paywalling the content you’ve come to love--we aren’t changing any of the content that’s on the site already and it will remain free. We’ll still post the same great articles, videos, and podcasts every day that you’ve grown accustomed to and that stuff will remain 100% free to view and enjoy.

So what exactly do you get with a premium membership? We’re going to make videos and podcasts that don’t make sense in an ad-supported model. Expect 50 pieces of member-exclusive content a year, in the form of fun videos, live Q&As, behind-the-scenes videos with Adam and Jamie, and new members-only podcasts. We’re really excited about the chance to make content that’s tailored exclusively for our biggest fans. Our first member-exclusive video will be on the site soon; it’s an unauthorized movie commentary--just like the director’s commentary on a DVD--where Adam, Norm, and I discuss the movie A.I (which Adam worked on).

We’re giving premium members as much of an ad-free experience as we can deliver right now. That means that you won’t see any banner ads or site skins on the site. The member-exclusive videos will play in a custom player and won’t have ads either. You may still encounter a video ad or two on videos that we embed from other sites, but we’re working on a more robust solution that will allow us to deliver all of our video content to members ad-free.

Your membership will be a gateway to the world of Tested. Members will get special access to Tested events at conventions, like Comic-Con, Dragon*Con, PAX, and any other places we throw a party. Adam is also going to build one-of-a-kind items and make them available to members to buy, with proceeds benefiting the charity of his choice.

We want you to get to know us better, and for us to get to you know you better. That’s why every month, Adam, Jamie, Norm, or I are also going to send members a letter. Note I didn’t say “email newsletter”. We aren’t into marketing spam or link lists disguised as a newsletter. Instead, the monthly letter is an opportunity for Jamie, Adam, Norm, and I to share stories, thoughts, and ideas in a more personal format. The first letter will hit inboxes next Monday, but it’s ok if you miss it, we’re going to archive all the letters.

There’s one more thing. Memberships are available in both monthly and annual plans. The monthly plan is $5 a month, while the annual plan is $40 a year. Both plans renew automatically, but the benefits are the same, with two important differences: the annual plan includes a $15 coupon for use in the Tested store and your annual member’s badges are gold instead of silver.

So that’s premium members. Thank you for supporting the work we do at Tested, whether it’s by subscribing, buying a T-shirt, or just telling all your Facebook and Twitter friends about your favorite Tested stories. And as always, if you have suggestions, comments, or any kind of feedback about how we’re doing, don’t hesitate to shout at me on Twitter or shoot me an email.