Octoberkast Giveaway Raffle Reminder!

By Norman Chan

There's still plenty of time to donate to Octoberkast 2013 charities. Here's a reminder of the awesome things we're raffling away to contributors.

Octoberkast 2013 is done and in the books (and fully archived on YouTube in case you missed it), but we're not done giving just yet. There's still giving left to be done for our three charities--Child's Play, Doctors without Border, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation--which we'll keep open for donations until the morning of November 15th. And there are still a lot of goodies to give away to you guys who endured the show with us and contributed. We were really fortunate this year to have some amazing prizes donated from friends and fans in the maker community. I wanted to use this opportunity to remind you what those giveaways are, and to give shoutouts to those makers so you can learn more about their work.

Remember, it doesn't matter how much you donate--every single person who donated to Octoberkast will get a name in the raffle. We may uncover more prizes to give away before November 15th as well, so keep an eye out on Twitter for more Octoberkast-aftermath announcements.

Punished Props Space Gun

This one-of-a-kind space gun was made by Bill Doran (aka Punished Props) for his Kickstarter campaign. It's a space gun of his own design, and this unique model was the prototype built and painted for his Kickstarter video. Bill has modified it with a painted Tested logo, and signed the bottom. Has a great heft and awesome paint job. We've been playing "pew pew" with it all day.

Follow Bill on Twitter, Facebook, and on YouTube.

Jeremy Williams' Game Frame

This amazing RGB LED programmable grid of lights--tentatively named the Game Frame--wouldn't exist without Tested readers. Jeremy came on our Show and Tell segment to share the first version of his light-up pixel art box back in June, and the positive feedback from you guys convinced him to design a second version that you may be able to buy soon. The Game Frame being given away for Octoberkast will be one of the first assembled after Jeremy crowdfunds enough for a production run. We'll be announcing that on Tested when it happens so you guys won't miss out on getting dibs on one.

Follow Jeremy on Google+ and check out his Pinball hacks website.

Funranium Labs' Stein of Science

Phil Broughton is one of the most interesting people we know. Not only is he the maker of Black Blood of the Earth coffee, he also was at one point a cryogenics technician for the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station. Yes, in Antarctica. It was there that he birthed the idea of the Stein of Science--turning a dewar into a stein that you could drink out of. It is likely the best thermos you'll ever use.

Follow Phil on Twitter and check out his other goodies at the Funranium Labs store.

Happy Cloud Cruiser Longboard

I first met Andreas Ekberg at Maker Faire New York, where he presented me with his awesome LEGO Spaceboy screenprint poster. (Which I proudly hang in my garage.) Andreas is also a maker of Longboards too, which he handcrafts from scratch and paints. He made this unique Tested pintail longboard on Friday while watching Octoberkast, and if you caught my eyes widen at any point during the show, it was because I was getting emailed photos from Andreas throughout the cast showing me his build progress. You can find those build photos on his Facebook page.

Follow Andreas on Twitter, find more of his work here, and check out his Etsy page.

Smooth-On Skin Tite Ultimate Zombie Kit

This is the same stuff that effects artist Frank Ippolito used when he gave Will a nasty-looking head wound in this tutorial video. I used a variation of this kit during Octoberkast to demonstrate the application process on my own arm, and while the pigments included didn't exactly match my skin tone, it did look pretty gnarly. The best part is the fake rubber glass that's included in this kit.

Find more Smooth-On videos on their YouTube page.

Smash Up Tabletop Game

This game comes courtesy of Loyd Case, who you may know as a frequent podcast guest, Tested contributor, and board game expert. Even though this is listed as an Expansion pack, Loyd assures us that it includes everything you need to play a game. Maybe we'll do a livestream of a tabletop gaming session some time with Loyd.

Follow Loyd on Twitter and read his tabletop game columns here.

Scott Johnson My Extra Life Prints

We were stunned when we first found out that artist Scott Johnson was a Tested reader--since then we've all become members of the Mutual Admiration Society. Scott's a fellow podcaster and extremely talented comic artist, and we're so grateful for the three art prints he's donated for this year's Octoberkast giveaway. They include the Breaking Batman print seen below, the Tools of Destruction print, and the Blue Prophecy print.

Follow Scott on Twitter and read his comic My Extra Life here.

Copper Etched Tested Fireball Magnet

These magnets, made by Tested user YoungFrey, were sent to us to give out to Octoberkast guests, but we have about a dozen extra for you guys. YoungFrey explains how he made these beautiful magnets in this comment thread, and reminds us to not put these in our mouths!

Carl Merriam's LEGO Tested Logo [Not a Prize]

This actually isn't a giveaway, but I wanted to give one more shout out to LEGO builder Carl Merriam, who came by the office on Friday night to share some of his incredible custom builds (that Cthulhu!) and talk about all things LEGO with us. Carl left us with this intricately built Tested logo made of LEGO, which you can find photos of on his Flickr page.

Support Carl's LEGO obsession by following him on Facebook, checkin out his website, and voting for his LEGO Cuusoo submission!

(Not an actual raffle prize)