Punished Props' StarCraft II Ghost Rifle

By Norman Chan

Another excellent piece from Bill Doran

Friend of the site Bill Doran just completed his latest prop--Kerrigan's Ghost rifle from Starcraft II. He created it as a commission for Doghouse Systems and calls it his most challenging project yet. Even though the large scope on top of the rifle was the most complicated component of this piece, I like the details in the dimpled barrel, which was turned on his lathe and detailed with a dremel.

Most of the time, though, was spent creating a mold on his prototype to be able to recast it later:

"The scope mold was not so rousing of a success. My first attempt ended in a catastrophic clay blowout, resulting in a failed mold and a lot of wasted silicone. There were a number of factors that led to this failure. First, the walls of the mold box were way too thin. I used 1/8″ MDF and I needed at least 1/4″. Second, I didn’t put in enough clay to keep it stuck to the sloped underside of the scope master. Last, I poured in three batches of uncured silicone into the box all at once, filling the box. This added a lot of liquid weight to the clay. For the second attempt I let the first batch of silicone cure a little bit before adding the remaining goo."

It's really fun following along Bill's progress--his works get more impressive with every project. You can find the full build log for this project on his Punished Props site, along with more photos here.