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    Star Wars Battlefront 2 Messenger Droid Cosplay!

    In partnership with EA's Star Wars Battlefront II, we made a cosplay of the Messenger Droid character for New York Comic Con! Frank and his team took on the challenge of bringing this imposing character to life, simulating its distinct holographic head with beautiful practical effects. The resulting effect was stunning! (This video was sponsored by Electronic Arts.)

    Mid-October Pop Culture Wrap Up - Episode 78 -10/20/17
    On this episode of CreatureGeek, Frank and Len chat about a bunch of stuff that's been out, coming soon and more including Blade Runner 2049 chat, IT and Stephen King talk, The Orville, Halloween and more. Plus a shout out to Haunted Houses and Mike Mekash (husband of Eryn Krueger Mekash) If you're digging this podcast, please head over to and support us with a few bucks. We truly appreciate your support!
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    Adam Savage's Set Tour of the Blade Runner Universe!

    Adam takes us behind the scenes of the filming of the 2048: Nowhere to Run short film that's part of the official Blade Runner universe. From the static set dressing to the functional props and vehicles, Adam shows how the production builds a believable science fiction world out of the pieces of our own reality.

    Supertroopers, Part Deux - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 10/17/17
    Adam raves about a screening of Pixar's Coco, giving his spoiler-free review. Plus, we hear about Adam's Star Trek: The Experience auction adventure, a recommendation for a Eyvind Earle art exhibit, and teases for Adam's upcoming London trip to MC Michael Giacchino's concert bash! Thanks to Tested's Ryan Kiser for joining us this week in Will's absense!
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    Behind the Scenes with Tested at New York Comic Con 2017!

    Join us for a brief look at what our New York Comic Con experience was like this year! From roaming the show floor chatting with cosplayers and geeking out over collectibles to backstage prep for incognito walks with Adam, here's a taste of Tested's convention life. Thanks to everyone who said hi at the show!

    The Orville's Krill Makeup Demo at KNB EFX

    We visit award-winning makeup effects house KNB EFX, the shop where Howard Berger and his team designed the makeups for Seth MacFarlane's The Orville. Howard and key makeup artist Tami Lane give us a demo of the Krill makeup application they developed for the show, which makes it clear that The Orville's creators are big science fiction fans.

    The Weird and Awesome World of Bootleg Art Toys

    At a few pop culture conventions every year, DKE Toys brings designers and artists together to release a series of limited artist edition toys inspired by the blister pack action figures of our youth. Dov Kelemer chats with us about how the bootleg art toy scene got started and how each artist brings something different and subversive to their resin figures and packaging.

    Toyqube: Turning 2D Art into Sculpted Collectibles

    We meet up with Keith Poon, artist and proprietor of Toyqube, a designer collectibles company that works with artists to turn their art into limited-run sculptures. Keith--known for his own Sharky vinyl figures--chats about the process of collaborating with artists and working in multiple mediums.

    Building Adam's 2001: A Space Odyssey "Moonwatcher", Part 1

    My passion for the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey launched me into the quest of a career at the age of 16. I wanted to be a filmmaker. I wanted to make things for movies. I wanted to make space ships, creatures, props and more. I started learning everything I could about Kubrick and film making. I started making my own films and, eventually after graduating from school, I got a job at the American Zoetrope with Francis Coppola. George Lucas was there also and was working on the movie version of his short film, "THX11384eb". This was another film I loved that inspired me.

    To make a long story short, in 1974 I moved to LA and started working for the studios as a special effects makeup artist. I met Rick Baker who helped me start my career as a creature maker and Gorilla man. My career exploded and for years I made creatures and makeup effects for films, TV commercials, and TV shows.

    I worked on "Star Trek the Motion Picture" where I made Spock's ears, GhostBusters making creatures and puppeteering them just to name a couple. I made one feature motion picture with Charles Band, "The Day Time Ended" that I wrote and produced. I played an alien in the opening sequence of "Laser Blast" and did all the makeup and props. This lead to a SAG career of playing creatures for films along with my Gorilla suit work I did for many years.

    This is just the short story but it all began with 2001, which brings me to this project: Moonwatcher.

    I always wanted to make something from 2001. Most of the models have already been done. The helmets and suits by Mike Scott had been done (and they are amazing!). But no one had done Moonwatcher or the Star Child. So I set off to do both.

    Adam reached out about the project asking me if he could get in the build. I said yes, of course. So let's get going here and I'll show you how I made Moonwatcher based on Stuart Freeborn's fantastic work 50 years ago.

    Adam Savage Incognito as 2001: A Space Odyssey's Moonwatcher!

    Adam goes incognito at this year's New York Comic Con as Moonwatcher, the lead ape in 2001: A Space Oyssey! This character is special because the mask was originally designed by make-up artist Stuart Freeborn, who also created Chewbacca's costume. And in a first for Adam Incognito, he was able to walk the floor and explore the convention without being detected! (Check out the work of Steve Neill, who made this Moonwatcher mask for Adam!)

    Building a Retro RC Racer: The Kyosho Optima

    It's a little funny to think that there are such things as "classic" RC cars, but it's true. Off-road RC racing really blossomed during the 1980s. Many of the popular designs from that era are now sought after by collectors. These enthusiasts restore their machines with the same attention to detail that one might dote on a numbers-matching 1969 Charger Daytona.

    You don't have to scour thrift stores or eBay to own a retro RC racer. Several companies have re-opened the production lines for a selection of 80s-era kits. You can find classics from Tamiya, Associated Electrics, Schumacher, and others. Kyosho has actually reintroduced several of their legacy off-roaders. There is the Scorpion, Turbo Scorpion, Tomahawk, Beetle, and the low-slung model you see here: the Optima. I always wanted an Optima as a kid. It just took me a few decades to get my hands on one!

    About the Optima

    The Optima was introduced in 1985. At the time, it was a revolutionary design for 4-wheel-drive racing. It spawned a long line of descendants that remained popular and competitive for many years.

    Kyosho's re-release of the Optima ($300) is not a carbon copy of the original. It's mostly the same, but a few concessions have been made to reflect modern RC norms. For instance, ball bearings were an upgrade on the original Optima, but they now come as standard equipment.

    The Kyosho Optima represented cutting-edge racing technology when it was first introduced in 1985. The modern re-release has only a few minor changes.

    There were certainly powerful motors back in the day, but modern systems kick the horsepower potential up a few notches. Kyosho implemented a couple of changes to accommodate monster set-ups. The transmission now includes a slipper clutch that protects the driveline from heavy power surges. The clutch also helps to improve traction. Additionally, the kit includes both the original chain drive system and an upgraded belt drive.

    There are no factory-assembled components here. The Optima is packaged today just as it was 30+ years ago. You get a box full of aluminum and nylon components that you put together piece by piece. It also comes with a clear Lexan body that must be painted. Don't look at the assembly process as a chore. Take your time and enjoy the experience. It's all part of the fun.

    Boba Fett's Slave I Studio Scale Model Replica

    Studio scale replica builders are a special breed of modelmakers, painstaking recreating the models using the exact materials, parts, and paint as the original filming miniatures. Steve Neisen and Mike Salzo are such builders, and they share with us their studio scale Slave I that's constructed using rare model kits that would've been on ILM's modelmaking shelves. The back of the ship alone is hundreds of parts!

    Adam Savage Examines the Blade Runner 2049 Blasters!

    Adam Savage visited the set of Blade Runner 2049 during its production last year, and one of the first things he had to do was visit the props department. There, prop master Doug Harlocker shows Adam the many blaster props made for the film, including replicas of Deckard's iconic pistol!

    Adam Savage's Maker Tour: Ponyride

    Welcome to the 30,000-square-foot nonprofit Ponyride, which houses a diverse group of artists, entrepreneurs and makers who are united in their social mission to improve the city of Detroit. And if you're wondering about the name Ponyride, it's explained at the very end of this video, and it's a sentiment Adam certainly relates to. (This series and tour is made possible by The Fab Foundation and Chevron.)

    Kevin McTurk and The Haunted Swordsman - Episode 77 -9/29/17
    Tonight's guest is Kevin McTurk, a prolific special effects and creature technician who has worked for shops like Stan Winston, WETA and Jim Henson's Creature Shop and has lent to talents to projects like Peter Jackson's King Kong, Iron Man 1 and 2, Jurassic Park and last summer's runaway hit for Netflix, Stranger Things. He's here to talk about his latest Kickstarter project The Haunted Swordsman, the third installment of what he describes as "Ghost Story Puppet Films". Here's the link to the project. It needs your help! If you're digging this podcast, please head over to and support us with a few bucks. We truly appreciate your support!
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    Adam Savage Examines the NASA EMU Spacesuit from 'The Martian'

    We loved the film 'The Martian', and are obsessed with the design and build of its beautiful orange spacesuits. But sometimes overlooked are the fictional NASA EMU spacesuits made for the film. At FBFX's studios in London, Adam examines this costume up close to see how it evokes NASA's real spacesuits while being subtly different and functional for filming.

    Blade Runner 2049 SPOILERFREE Cast! - Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project - 9/26/17
    Adam has seen Blade Runner 2049, and he's been given permission to review the film without giving away any plot details. We're joined by fellow replica prop builder and Blade Runner obsessive Mark Dubeau to talk about the importance of the original film, anticipation among fans, and get Adam's spoiler-free impressions of the long-awaited sequel!
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    Tested: Deconstructed Tickets Available Now!

    Adam Savage and present Tested: Decontructed, an evening of demonstrations of fantastic projects and conversations about the processes that make them possible. Join Adam Savage, robot builder Simone Giertz, the Tested team, and friends in the maker community as they reveal what makes their projects tick and the journeys that took those builds from obsession to reality. Hope to see you there! Tickets available now!