In Brief: The Average Price of a LEGO Brick

By Norman Chan

AFOLs know that it's about 10 cents, but not all LEGO is created equally.

Since we're building LEGO on the site this week, it's a good time to revisit the economics of toy bricks. The price of a single LEGO brick is a topic that data nerds love to analyze. I've previously shared this in-depth statistical analysis of LEGO set pricing from early 2013, and Wired's wonderful Dot Physics blog tackles the topic again today. Wired's surveying of modern LEGO sets identifies an average price of about 10 center per piece--what LEGO fans and Brickset traders have known for a long time. But Wired also points out that LEGO Duplo and Train themes are the most expensive sets (per brick), while the Architecture theme is the best bargain. Of course, LEGO fans know that it's not just about the number of pieces you get per set that determine its value, or even its licensed theme. Some sets are prized because of their diversity in LEGO pieces, as well as one-off pieces. Of course, there's also mini-fig exclusivity. And the people who may worry the most about the variations and fluctuations in brick pricing? LEGO artists.