Brick-A-Pic Kickstarter Project Creates LEGO Mosaics

By Norman Chan

Now computers can design your LEGO art.

When I visited LEGO Master Builder Nathan Sawaya's art gallery in New York last September, I asked the brick artist about how he designs and constructs his beautiful LEGO mosaic renditions of iconic and classic paintings. Sawaya told me that he creates those 2D LEGO paintings all by sight and hand--choosing the individual brick colors one at a time to adapt the original piece of art. Not all of us have that skill, so a new Kickstarter is attempting to automate that design process using clever software. Brick-A-Pic takes any image and processes it for LEGO's relatively limited palette of colors (16 current ones, 29 retired colors). The software will be available on their website, and Brick-A-Pic will even compile the pieces needed to build the picture in a kit if you want to pay for it. I like that the designs aren't restricted to 1x1 pixel pieces, and the samples they've shown look pretty lovely.

The Brick-A-Pic Kickstarter video is embedded below. Now to think about what image I may want to turn into a LEGO portrait...