In Brief: Light LEGO Design in Chrome

By Norman Chan

Joining a wealth of other LEGO CAD programs.

It's fitting that on the anniversary of the first LEGO brick patent (filed January 28th, 1958), LEGO announces a new digital design application for fans to piece together virtual LEGO creations. This time, it's a Chrome browser app developed in partnership with Google to promote the upcoming LEGO movie (which looks good!). The Chrome experiment runs on WebGL, and gives you 21 different LEGO pieces to work with. That's not nearly as full-featured as LEGO's stand-alone Digital Designer program, much less the wealth of third-party LEGO CAD apps available. Will experimented with the LDraw app a while back, but there are apps like LeoCAD, SR 3D Builder, and Bricksmith too. Professional LEGO artists have told us that they don't use CAD apps for their design, and I'm curious about which one is best for prototyping MOCs and generating PDF instruction manuals.