Tour Bus Diaries: A Wonderful Life in Minneapolis

By Adam Savage

Adam enjoys dinner with Bill Corbett in Minneapolis and shares tonight's indulgence in knolling.

After a sweet and slow day of room service and reading (I finished Undaunted Courage, about Lewis & Clark, and gave it to my wife to read), it was time to get out of dodge. Or, in this case, Regina. The airport is small, but affords some nice comforts.

There are lots of little pockets to sit and enjoy some coffee. Which is exactly what we did. My wife returns to San Francisco (sad face) at roughly the same time I leave for Minnesota. We said our goodbyes and promised much texting of our locations, etc.

The flight was delayed, mostly because of a delay in MN. Which it turns out was ALSO foggy, snowy and rainy. Seems to be a thing. I’ve nearly forgotten about winter, which is a luxury of being Californian, but here it is, all around. In this case, both ends of my flight. I did, however, get to enjoy my all-time favorite airplane cookie on the flight.

Dinner tonight is with the talented and hilarious Bill Corbett! He was supposed to pick me up at my hotel, but since my flight was late, I grabbed a cab right from the airport. Got through customs and found our driver, then let him know that he’s only taking Jamie to the hotel. He was nice enough to inform me that there was a passel of autograph seekers hovering around baggage claim, and instructed me as to how to avoid them. What a guy!

A note: I never mind signing autographs, and I NEVER say no, but the ones who wait for you at the airport are pros. They show up, often in teams of two or three; each has a stack of glossy photos that they ask you to sign, and then they sell them on eBay. I don’t begrudge them their living, but since I’m pressed for time tonight, I’m happy to avoid them.

Like I said, I never say no, but it honestly feels a little weird that they’re just going to resell what you’re signing. There are, to be sure, no shortage of autographs by me out in the world. A few less on eBay won’t hurt anyone. I expect to meet them on my way to the bus tomorrow after the show.

The question is: How did they know my itinerary? I suspect Twitter. Ah well, with the good comes the ambiguously neutral.

But dinner. Dinner with Bill. At the amazing Piccolo. Met Chef Doug and thanked him for his incredible repast. A couple of highlights ...

Them's be SHORT ribs. Mighty tasty.

This is the lamb:

I want to eat again just looking at that photo.

Minneapolis has a very Bedford Falls look to it tonight. Very It's a Wonderful Life.

As Bull drove me back to the hotel we came upon this marquis! Look who's playing!

Got back to my Kimpton Hotel to see that they know how to treat a guest:

See that, other hotels? I don't have to move the bed to charge my stuff. That's big in my book. Of course, the pet-friendly policies of the Kimpton Hotels only makes me miss Maggie and Huxley even more. It'll still be a month before I see them again.

Before bed I indulged in a bit of knolling.

Time to get some sleep. Lots of interviews tomorrow!

While on tour for the Behind the Myths stage show, Adam is blogging about his adventures and exploration of each city he visits. Here are his previous entries: