Blokk and Courier Prime

By Norman Chan

Who doesn't like free and interesting fonts?

Been meaning to share these fonts with you guys. Last month, screenwriter John August released a new typeface developed with screenwriters in mind, Courier Prime. Courier 12 has been the de-facto font for screenplays, but optimized for higher resolution displays. Courier Prime can replace Courier without affecting word spacing or page count, both of which are standardized for a reason (one page equals roughly one minute on screen). And it's free for everyone.

Blokk is an interesting typeface in that it's placeholder text for mockups. But unlike the Latin gibberish of Lorem Ipsum, Blokk looks like censored blocks of black text, which can work better for smaller mockups and wireframing. Very neat and good to have in your library just in case. It's also free to use.