FigurePrints Now Printing MineCraft Worlds

By Norman Chan

Just upload your map using the free exporter software.

FigurePrints, the 3D printing service that lets you get physical models of your World of Warcraft or Xbox Live avatar, is now printing custom Minecraft maps. The service was first announced in April on its Facebook page, and now FigurePrints has released its free exporter software for you to convert your Minecraft map files to a format that its 3D modellers and printers can process. Pricing information isn't available on the FigurePrints website, but the site's FAQ indicates that pricing will vary significantly depending on the complexity and size of the order. Orders will also take at least month for delivery.

FigurePrints was founded by ex-Microsoft VP of Game Publishing Ed Fries in 2005. The company uses Z Corporation Spectrum Z510 3D rapid prototyping printers, which create large prints using an additive inkjet-based powder process. Prints come out of the machine pre-colored (24-bit), with a maximum resolution of 600x450 dpi. The machine--one of the first full color commercial 3D printers-- cost $50,000 back in 2005. It wasn't particularly fast, either. World of Warcraft avatars, for example, took about a week each to print. You can check out the level of detail in FigurePrints' products in these Flickr photos.