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Let's Build: Pacific Rim Model Kit, Part 2

While wrapping up this snap-fit Pacific Rim model kit, we talk about custom modding toys, building dioramas, and the evaluate how this kit compares to a Bandai snap-fit model. Overall, we're pretty impressed with how it holds up! Thanks so much to Darrell for joining us this week. Check out his YouTube channel and look forward to future collaborations!

Meet Danny Huynh, Custom RC Artist

You know an RC car is super-cool when your non-RC friends share it on Facebook. That's how I found out about Danny Huynh. I kept coming across videos of his creations on social media. His vehicles were like nothing else I'd ever seen before. I had to track him down to find out more.

Danny is a former professional photographer based in Sydney, Australia. According to Huynh, his RC projects borrow elements of steampunk, WWII airplanes, and post-apocalyptic themes. Think "Mad Max meets Sky Captain". Labels aside, Danny's cars are truly stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces.

All of Danny's artwork is fun to look at when it's just sitting there. But these are functional machines too. Not only do they drive, many have custom-crafted dynamic features such as moving figures and crazy faux weapons. Enjoy the photos, but you have to watch some of Danny's videos to truly appreciate his particular brand of genius.

Most of Danny's projects are kit-bash creations that utilize off-the-shelf parts. But he does scratchbuild when necessary.

Danny was kind enough to answer a few questions about his projects and the processes he uses to make them. Here's what he had to say.

Watch Simone Hunt Robots (and Eat Them)!

Our very own Simone Giertz has an awesome new video she just debuted, in which she looks for way for vegetarians like herself to enjoy hunting for food. That's where the robots come in. We won't spoil the many surprises and delights in this episode, but you may recognize some familiar faces! Go watch it!

Custom Keyboard Spotlight: GMK Double-Shot Keycap Sets

There are many manufacturers of keycaps out there, but only a few have focused on the enthusiast community. One of the most popular manufacturers, and one you'll see mentioned a lot is GMK. This German company specializes in high-quality, thick double-shot keycaps. Many manufacturers have tried to emulate GMK, but its sets are still the gold standard for many keyboard lovers.

A double-shot keycap is known as such because it's made in two "shots" of plastic. The first one includes a lattice with the raised legend you want on the cap. Then, another shot covers the lattice and forms the outer surface of the keycap, which is a different color than the text. That text will end up completely flush with the surface of the second shot. If done properly, the two appear to be one piece. You can do double-shot molding in PBT plastic, but most of it (including GMK sets) is done with ABS as it produces sharper legends.

Double-shot keycaps are not unique to GMK, but it's arguable that GMK's quality is the best. Interestingly, GMK hasn't been at this for very long—it only started making these sets in 2011. So how can it make the best double-shot sets? Before GMK was on the scene, famed switch maker Cherry was in the business of making double-shot keycaps. However, it stopped producing the sets and sold all its keycap tooling to GMK. That allowed GMK to pick up where Cherry left off.

LEGO with Friends: Lepin Saturn V, Part 2

Our lessons learned so far from building this Lepin version of the LEGO Saturn V set: the pieces are more rigid, don't snap together as nicely, and the screenprinting is off! The price we pay for going with a knockoff! But we must continue, while Bobak, Simone, and Norm chat about the state of space travel and exciting offworld missions.

Storyboarding a Stop-Motion Animated Film

Stop-Motion Animation isn't just about puppets--traditional 2D artists visualize the action of the film with storyboards. We chat with one of Aardman's storyboard artists to learn how fast they work to create a rough sketch version of the film most people will never see.